Become an Aspiré Ambassador

Become an Aspiré Ambassador!

We’re seeking creative minds and passionate individuals who love wellness, and everything that goes with it, as much as us! So if thinking of nutritious food, moving your body and working on your mindset makes your heart beat faster, then this is the place for you.

 We all need a little help, support, and encouragement in life, and this is why it is essential to have a fantastic community around you. A great community can improve your health and well-being and make life more enjoyable for everyone involved. That’s why we created the Ambassador Program – to build an even bigger community where everyone can feel at their best.

Benefits of being an Aspiré Ambassador

Requirements to become an Ambassador

How to apply?

A little walk down memory lane

February 2021
Bliss balls

The first meeting thanks to chocolate bliss balls. Simone loved Ingel’s recipe and they met up to discuss launching a recipe ebook. Look where that idea ended up!

June 2022
First product

Launch of Aspiré’s very first product, the 100 Questions journal. Who knew that many steps are involved in creating a journal haha!

December 2022
Productivity planner

Launched Aspiré’s second product, the Productivity Planner, and hired the first member of the team - graphic designer and web developer. She’s responsible for the beautiful website that you’re on!

February 2023
Our very first book

Launched our self-love book with a very big Estonian publishing house and had a ton of PR work - events, podcasts and performances. Our favorite part was chatting with 5th graders at our old school about positive body image and eating disorders.

March 2023
birth of online aspiré

Aspiré membership is live with 80+ workouts, 15+ recipes & 30+ mindset worksheets and videos!

April 2023

New team member - our yogi Maria Ivask and her amazing yoga workouts entered the chat. She's a 500h + certified yoga teacher and we love her!

June 2023
First live event

Aspiré’s first LIVE event - rooftop pilates, breathwork and mocktails. What a special moment seeing our online girlies face to face!

July 2023

Our second live event - a nourishing free picnic for the Aspiré community. Partnered up with Kooker to have some delicious mini pancakes at the picnic.

October 2023

Ave-Mai, a coach and physical therapist, joined us and created some fierce gym workouts!

November 2023

We partnered up with a private chef, Villem Leegen, to bring delicious Italian food and culinary skills to Aspiré family.

December 2023
yoga & meditation workshop

Our lovely yogi, Maria, flew to Estonia to take us through a yoga and active meditation workshop. Later, we cooled ourselves at the Gutsy Captain Kombucha bar!