Meet Our Wellness Experts

Simone Viidas
Founder & Head of Movement

Fitness and sports have been my life since I was born – whether it was learning to swim before I could crawl, skiing with my father every day after school and all the way up to being a full time coach. Wellness, however, was something I learnt much later on. 

My relationship with myself hasn’t always been so positive. Frankly, it’s been horrid. I have hated the person that was looking back at me from the mirror, I have starved, I have been stuck in binge eating cycles and I have pushed my body to its limits with training. 

It took me some time to understand that with the mindset of ‘’ I transform so I can accept myself’’ will never get me anywhere. I started working on my inner world and I realized that I need to accept myself before I can transform, that I need to focus on my body as a whole.


That approach completely unlocked a new level for me – I started to work out not because of the calories I burn but because of how it makes me feel; I started cooking because I want to give my body the nutrients and care it deserves; I started working on my mindset to support myself through the chaos that life is. I started to feel happy. Genuinely happy.

That feeling has definitely reflected in my coaching career as well – I’ve been lucky enough to share my ideas and coach thousands of people in Estonia, Italy, Germany and, even more online around the world. Those clients include the co-founder of Mindvalley, Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, and the former First Lady of Estonia. In addition, I founded Estonia’s first ever female only kickboxing group, which kickstarted the self-defense movement in the country. 

Moving your body is fun. If you don’t believe it then try out my boxing class and we’ll talk after!

Over 7 years in the business
Fitness, Bodybuilding and Gym coach (Estonian Olympic Committee)
Holobody coach (Mindvalley)
Boxing and kickboxing coach (Estonian Boxing Association and WAKO)
Soon to be: 10X Coach (Mindvalley)

Maria Ivask

Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I’m an Estonian yogi based in Germany. 

Let’s be honest – yoga wasn’t love at first sight for me and that’s okay! But I gave it a chance and it changed my life. I hope everyone will know that yoga practice is not about how flexible you are – yoga is about freedom. Freedom in your body to move and feel well. Freedom not to be attached to your past or the future, but to be here now. Knowing that you are the only person that gets to live your life the way never lived before. 

I feel the most connected with vinyasa yoga since I started my teaching journey with Vinyasa yoga teacher training. It’s mostly flowy but it can also be dynamic. It can be slow or super fast,  you can challenge yourself with strength building positions and relax while deepening into your stretches. I love that the class can always be different and you can choose your way of teaching it. 

I’ll see you on the mat!

Education: 500h+ certified yoga teacher

Ave-Mai Larin

Hey, you! I’m Ave-Mai and I’m a physical therapist, international personal trainer and a true adventurer at heart! I even lived in New Zealand where I had the opportunity to coach CrossFit sessions. I love everything that is connected to health and wellbeing. I constantly want to improve, get smarter and stronger.

I’ve always been a really active girl – even my family doctor told my mother as a baby that I’m going to be running around all the time! After juggling with martial arts, I finally found my way to strength training. I love mixing explosive and hypertrophy strength trainings! By doing that I’m fast, strong and capable of lifting heavier weights. 

Weight lifting is necessary for your body, but there’s a ton of ways to do it and a lot of exercises that you can do! So if you don’t like your current way of training, try something new. 

Education: 5 years in the business; Fitness, Bodybuilding and Gym coach; EQF 4 personal trainer; Baccalaureus in physiotherapy; Suppama HIIT trainer; Coached in Germany, United Kingdom and New Zealand

Jess Cadou

Heya! I’m Jess –  Aussie barre and pilates instructor with a chronic case of the travel bug. My body composition is about 20% water, and 80% laksa.
I’m still looking for at least one other half Malaysian, half Mauritian mate on this planet – sing out if that’s you! 

I’m on a mission to make a difference as my most authentic self. I hope to transport you into a world of joy and self care as I guide your workouts with love, energy, and my (not so) secret weapon – an oversized smile. My goal is to have you leave each class with a little extra sparkle in your heart, and a boost of sunshine in your life. 

I love blending strong, functional exercises with elegant ballet energy.
Sparkle in the eyes, sass in the thighs – that’s how I like to roll! Even though many of the exercises in a typical barre class are inspired by ballet, you absolutely do not need a dance background to enjoy the workout! Barre is an accessible workout, suitable for everyone!

I have lots more barre + pilates classes available on YouTube @jesscasually.  If you live in Sydney, I’d love to train with you 1:1!

Education: Certified Mat Pilates + Barre Instructor, Pre/Post Natal training, Adv Dip. Performing Arts

Ann Marii Moorus

I’m a creative and energetic body balance and Pilates enthusiast with a background in audiovisual media. After completing my studies, my journey led me to Bali, and now I find myself back in beautiful Estonia.

After years of rigorous high-intensity workouts, I began to feel anxious and fatigued, prompting me to take a step back and prioritize rest while seeking new ways to nurture my body. I discovered Pilates through Body Balance. About four years ago, I started my journey with Body Balance, and a year ago, I obtained my Body Balance instructor certificate. Since traveling to Bali, Pilates has become my true passion, enriching my daily routine!

Reformer Pilates is my go-to for a challenging yet enjoyable workout! When I’m not on the reformer, I keep things exciting with mat Pilates and a variety of different props like yoga blocks, Pilates rings, and resistance bands.

I want people to understand the importance of control, breath, and flow in Pilates. With each move, we focus on precise, controlled movements, syncing them with deep breaths to engage muscle groups and connect with our inner selves. It’s all about going with the flow – the slower, the better!

Pilates is for everyone! We start by laying a strong foundation, delving into the essence of Pilates, and then we branch out into a variety of exciting workouts. From full-body sessions to targeted muscle group workouts, and even energizing morning routines, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!