Aspiré wellness membership program was created to help you live balanced and nourishing life. To respect your mind and body and to embrace your highest self.

As a member you get access to an ever-expanding collection of recipes with instructions and nutrition tips, a weekly grocery list and blog posts that support mindful eating

To variety of workout plans from home workouts to boxing. You can switch between plans as you like. Whenever a new plan is added to the platform, you will automatically get access to it! No extra or hidden fees. Also from time to time you will get to try workouts from guest trainers to mix-up your workout routine.

To challenges and techniques that support your mindset, healthy habits and self development. From self care corner you can find meditations and mindful practices that support balanced and calm life.

And of course you will get access to our loving community through FB group and chats, where you will find like minded people, new and upcoming events, workshops and retreats.

You can find more info about the membership HERE

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